Do i need gutter guard?

In most areas which have any trees around them at all gutter protection will be an advantage. Leaves from trees tend to blow a long way and even a small amount of leaves which may pile up in front of a down pipe may dam up with water and end up spilling inside your roof and causing damage. You must keep water flowing through your roofs drainage system. Bush fire prone areas are definately recommended and also a requirement by councils as only takes a small flying ember to start a fire in a pile of leaves stacked up in your gutters. If you have problems with birds nesting or possums getting in your roof we also suggest to seal the top with gutter mesh.


Will my gutters be cleaned before or do we need to do that ourselves?

Of course we clean your gutters prior to fitting your guard. We also check and flush your downpipes and ensure that water is draining properly.


How long will the guard last?

Depending on the type of guard can last up to 25 years.


Will this match my roof?

The leaf guard systems we offer come in a variety of colorbond colours and we can match materials as close as possible to your gutters and roof.


I have heard that gutter guards don't work. Why do some people say this?

Mostly the reason is that people don't understand how the roof plumbing system works. Or they are gutter cleaners afraid of losing work. Well we have a gutter cleaning service as well We have spent years trialing different guards and had a few satisfactory guards and a few disasters. Plastic guards which sit freely in the gutter and aren't fixed properly we have seen collapse and knot up with debris and cause an even worse blockage than if it weren't in there anyway. Either that or the birds or wind pull it out. Waste of time in our honest opinion. Some people don't maintain there system after it has been fitted, which then over the years silt builds up and blocks up the gutter. This is usually because they were told by other gutter protection companies that they would never have to clean their gutters again. This is not true! There is no product that will stop silt getting into your gutters. We recommend flushing every 2-3 yrs. It can be done without removing the mesh easily and we can provide this service for you. Remember it only takes one small handful of leaves to pile up in front of your down pipe to block and dam up the system. In a big down pour your guttering wont cope.


Is the system you fit Bush Fire Rated?

Aluminium & MetalGuard have been tested, by CSIRO, and have passed the AS1530.2 and thus are non-combustible leaf guards. This makes these products fully compliant with AS3959:2009 and the BCA.

New Bushfire Standard AS3959:2009

New statutory regulations, AS3959:2009 (Building in a Bushfire Prone Area) recommends that all new or renovated buildings within bushfire prone areas have non-combustible leaf guards installed. In order for a system to comply with this standard it must have a fire rating of 5 or less (5 being the lowest rating) and be tested in accordance with AS1530.2.